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Whether you're a small business or larger company looking for IT support or telecoms in Essex, our range of managed IT services will cover your every need.

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First and foremost Lodge Information Services provides a quality IT support service to businesses in Essex, London and beyond. Founded in 1996 we are an established and experienced IT and Telecoms business, offering cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' IT technology needs.

Recent Posts from our IT Support Team

  • Cyber Hygiene

    Welcome to this important video series about how to keep your organisation’s data safe. Video 1: Hackers In this first video, we show you how easy it is for hackers to break into any computer. Video 2: Threats that exist within your organisation In this second video, we look at the threats facing you from […]Read More »
  • AI to manage your hiring

    Would you trust AI to manage your hiring process? Modern technology is a wonderful thing. It’s helped us connect across the globe, create virtual worlds and even land on Mars. But are there some advances in technology that may hold us back? Would you use AI to manage your hiring process? In recent times, more […]Read More »
  • New version of Microsoft Office

    Microsoft to launch new version of Office this year A new version of Microsoft Office for commercial customers – Office LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) – will be launched later this year, as will Office 2021 for consumers and small businesses.  It will be available for both Windows and Mac. It is designed for users who […]Read More »
  • Is it time to switch?

    If your IT support company just wasn’t good enough last year, then is it time to switch? IT is too important to have a weak supplier. Our new guide explains why we partner with our clients and don’t just work with them. Download The Top 5 Questions guide to help you make the best decision. […]Read More »
  • Your new PC is slow

    There’s no better feeling than getting a new PC. Until you start it the first time and realise it’s full of software you didn’t want or need! To your frustration your new PC is slow. You would expect it to come with a fresh installation of Windows and a clutter-free hard drive. But often manufacturers […]Read More »