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Whether you're a small business or larger company looking for IT support or telecoms in Essex, our range of managed IT services will cover your every need.

Welcome to LIS - A Managed IT Services Provider

First and foremost Lodge Information Services provides a quality IT support service to businesses in Essex, London and beyond. Founded in 1996 we are an established and experienced IT and Telecoms business, offering cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' IT technology needs.

Recent Posts from our IT Support Team

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    Why working from home is good for business.  If it is well done you don’t need to feel isolated in your home bubble – you are not alone! LIS will help you identify the best remote working solution for you. Whether an on-premise remote desktop server, cloud based web application and data service like office […]Read More »
  • GDPR News

    GDPR news – who received the first fines and why? If you have still not completed (or started) your GDPR journey you can always contact LIS for assistance. We will deal with the technicalities of system changes needed and highlight any business issues you need to consider.  Having recently reviewed our client base for GDPR […]Read More »
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    How are you handling your social media these days? Here are five of the best social media management platforms designed to make your online engagement a breeze Hootsuite can help you manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard hootsuite.com Buffer makes posting on multiple social networking sites easy buffer.com PostPlanner simplifies finding and […]Read More »
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