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At LIS we pride ourselves in providing a first class IT support service, driven by our dedicated friendly team of support professionals.
Whether you're a small business or larger company looking for IT support or telecoms in Essex, our range of managed IT services will cover your every need.

Welcome to LIS - A Managed IT Service Provider

First and foremost Lodge Information Services provides a quality IT support service to businesses in Essex, London and beyond. Founded in 1996 we are an established and experienced IT and Telecoms business, offering cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' IT technology needs.

Recent Posts from our IT Support Team

  • Bleeping Computers!

    Can you hear your staff shouting at their computers all day? Don’t let them suffer. We can help. Let’s have a no obligation chat and get your business back on an even keel! #ITexperts #fastercomputers #nosweatRead More »
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  • Critical RDP Vulnerability

    Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft RDP Details of a critical rdp vulnerability in Microsoft’s remote desktop software were made public yesterday. Microsoft even released patches for old operating systems going back as far as Windows XP which has been out of maintenance for many years! This issue is being taken very seriously! Sample exploit code has […]Read More »
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    Office 365 or Office 2019 What’s the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019? Microsoft explains it quite well. In general, the different ways you can buy the Office suite from Microsoft are what we might politely call confusing. The devil is in the detail. Do you need the online and/or offline access, software and/or […]Read More »
  • Hardware Security

    Hardware security risks happen obviously. But we all trust our phones, tablets, PCs and laptops to be fundamentally secure. Built that way. Right? Well maybe mainly hardware is secure but some recent news does beg the question as to whether we are right to assume all is well. Perhaps we are reaching the point where […]Read More »