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First and foremost Lodge Information Services provides a quality IT support service to businesses in Essex, London and beyond. Founded in 1996 we are an established and experienced IT and Telecoms business, offering cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' IT technology needs.

Recent Posts from our IT Support Team

  • Computers Smarter than People?

    Are computers smarter than us? It’s not that far away that they’ll be able to out think us. Of course we know that what they are really doing is running through all the options very quickly until they find the best answer. So it’s not really thinking is it?  Unless that’s how our brains work..in […]Read More »
  • You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye!

    The not-so-hidden truth about cyber crime: Your staff (and not hackers) could be the biggest threat. It’s not a big surprise to LIS sadly. Business owners acknowledge the problem but don’t take the staff training and testing available from us. We see 3 or 4  clients a year that fall victim to “obvious” human attacks, […]Read More »
  • Brexit Looms

    As Brexit staggers ever closer, banks forecast the worst year for business since 2009, what are your thoughts about the state of the economy? It’s a tough world for business right now…what with Brexit, Pensions, GDPR, NMW, 2020 and plenty more.  Increased taxes, levies and regulation and an increasing US style litigious culture all seem […]Read More »
  • Change Management – Not just an IT issue

    Who Moved My Cheese? A classic book, and a simple but powerful message for employees worrying about change. Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life: Amazon.co.uk: Dr Spencer Johnson: 8601400456279: Books Buy Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in […]Read More »
  • Office 365 – Powerful but Confusing!

    Microsoft Office 365 is the most powerful set of tools ever produced.  It’s also the most confusing sales model ever with more packages, versions and routes to market than any normal human can cope with. Seriously – there are all sorts of cool options hidden inside, that most business owners and managers have no idea […]Read More »