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First and foremost Lodge Information Services provides a quality IT support service to businesses in Essex, London and beyond. Founded in 1996 we are an established and experienced IT and Telecoms business, offering cost effective and efficient solutions to meet our clients' IT technology needs.

Recent Posts from our IT Support Team

  • Successful security audit

    How can your business manage a successful security audit? IT audits—no one enjoys them, but they are a critical part of today’s IT security solutions. Audits are necessary to keep your company’s network and assets safe and secure. While it is true audits are necessary, dealing with outside auditors can be a less than pleasant […]Read More »
  • Apple update threat

    Unexpected Apple update threat Are you an ipad or iphone user? Due to an unexpected update, owners of iPhones and iPads are being warned that some apps may experience glitches. Apple only gave a day’s notice of the release of a major update to its mobile operating systems. In a recent BBC article, James Clayton […]Read More »
  • Fake Online Reviews

    Amazon deletes 20,00 fake online reviews after users profit from five-star ratings. An investigation from the Financial Times alleged that many users were profiting from posting thousands of five star reviews. One reviewer posted a five-star review on average once every four hours. They reviewed over £15,000 worth of products. Products manufactured by small Chinese […]Read More »
  • Cope without the Internet

    Part 1: How would you cope without the Internet? Let us look at a day in a life of a person without the Internet. Believe it or not, it is still possible to function, you just to need adapt to your surroundings. In a recent Metro article, Ike Iwuchuku reports on how he managed to […]Read More »
  • Google Chrome Warning!

    Be careful when updating your browser. Google Chrome Warning! A fake Google Chrome update hit the Internet this Summer. Hackers tried to gain control over systems using an old technique. The fake update installs the banking Trojan Zeus and remote-control software. This allows hackers access to your PC, online banking and anything else that takes […]Read More »