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LIS Home & Business Broadband Packages 

Home & Business Broadband Packages from LIS
LIS Broadband guarantees to give you the best broadband service possible on your phone line.
We look at all the providers with equipment in your phone exchange and connect you through the one who will perform the best on your line.

We listen to and understand your priorities and design the service to match. If you need maximum stability and are prepared to sacrifice a little speed to achieve it, we tune the line accordingly. If you want to wring the last drops of performance from the connection we will work with you to optimise everything possible.
  We will match all your needs... 
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NEW! Superfast Fibre Broadband packages with speeds of upto 80Mbps (see below)
Home Broadband
Home Broadband
We have a large selection of capped packages suitable for home users across the country. The caps apply to downloads only and we offer large off-peak allowances as well. Our connections are capable of delivering speeds of upto 24Mbps down and 2.5Mbps up.
Home Fibre Broadband
Superfast Home Fibre Broadband
Our packages deliver download speeds of upto 80Mbps with upload speeds of upto 2Mbps. The areas where fibre is available are increasing every week and for customers fortunate to have access to this product should consider adopting it to benefit from the high speeds.
Business Broadband
Business Broadband
Our business broadband connections offer significant performance advantages over the standard home solutions. As standard you will benefit from a fixed IP address and connection through our dedicated business network (if available on your exchange).
Business Fibre Broadband
Superfast Business Fibre Broadband
Businesses are now able to gain substantial benefits from the adoption of fibre to the cabinet technologies. Download speeds of up to 80Mbps and an impressive upload speed of up to 20Mbps allow new and more efficient ways of working. Fast connectivity to external staff, improved links to customers, off-site backup solutions are all possible thanks to the high upload speeds. With LIS you donít just get the connection but also help from experts to monitor and support the connection and consultants to develop and change your business systems to use it!

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