Google Malware Threats

Google has been busy removing malware threats from Google Play, but now they’re back. Here’s what to watch out for take a look at this recent article about Google Malware Threats. So, how has this happened? Google Malware Threats can steal sensitive information or send fake emails from a user’s email account. This often happens without the user’s knowledge.

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Google Malware Threats

Android malware authors have been relying on a solid trick for bypassing Google’s security scans and sneaking malicious apps into the Play Store.

Almost 2 billion malware installs thwarted by Google Play Protect in 2019

Strengthened app safety policies, a better developer approval process and enhancements to its machine learning detection system made the Google Play Store an even more secure place last year, according to Google.

“Last year, Google Play Protect also prevented more than 1.9 billion malware installs from non-Google Play sources,” Google Play Product Manager Andrew Ahn. He wrote in reference to Android’s built-in threat protection tool. The figure represents an increase from 1.6 billion malicious apps from outside of the official Android storefront that were blocked.

A new Android marketplace policy introduced in 2018, also recorded a 98% decrease in apps accessing users’ SMS and call log dat. The remaining 2% require access to data in order to perform core functions. (In some cases, the new policy affected legitimate services from using SMS permissions for security, privacy and safety reasons.)

The tech giant also ramped up its protection against malicious apps. It praised its collaboration with partners in the Android App Alliance, of which ESET is an inaugural member. Enhanced vetting mechanisms helped Play Protect stop over 790,000 policy-violating apps from being published to Google Play. The store’s threat protection service now scans over 100 billion apps every day. This allowed it to double the number it scanned in 2018.

More improvements required

Other improvements include a new policy aimed at protecting children and families. This led to the removal or updates of tens of thousands of apps last year. The policy introduced new requirements concerning the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As well as the suitability of content and adverts for children.

Having said all that, Google stressed that there’s more work to be done. They reiterated its commitment to enhancing users’ privacy and security.

All things considered; you can always take several easy steps that will go a long way towards beefing up your protection. These include being cautious about the apps you install. Be carefull especially – but not only – from outside the Play Store. Users need to pay attention to the permissions that the apps request. Maake sure you have a reputable mobile security solution installed on your device.

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Entertain The Children

How to you entertain the children whilst working from home? Guilty of giving your children your phone to watch YouTube for 5 minutes while you try to complete some work? Well now you can do that without them opening 100 other apps and calling your Grandma. Look at this cool trick to entertain the children.

It means parents can hand an iPhone to their kids to watch a YouTube video without fear of them getting into the phone’s other apps. The setting can be found in any iOS device, so it works with iPads as well. The trick was shared on Facebook where it quickly picked up thousands of likes and shared more than 128,000 times.

Entertain The Children

Parental controls. Have peace of mind that your children are safe without them having access to all your apps.

How to use Guided Access to lock an iPhone touchscreen

If you have an iPhone (or iPad) go into the Settings menu and find the ‘General’ tab. Scroll down to Accessibility and tap it, then go to the bottom to find the option to toggle on Guided Access. Once you’ve toggled it on, all you need to do is triple-click the power switch (or Home button if you’re using an older iPhone or iPad) to enable it. Now you can hand the phone over to your partner, child or pet without worrying about them poking and prodding through your phone.

Other iPhone Hacks You Never Knew About

There are dozens of cool iPhone features hidden beneath the surface that you probably weren’t even aware of and not just the knowledge that cat litter can bring your phone back from a watery death. Readers Digest have recently published some other iPhone Hacks might not know about. Check out full article click here.

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Work from home forever?

Would you allow your staff to work from home forever? How’s working from home going for your business? Would you make it a permanent option for some staff? Twitter has taken a bold step and allowed its people to work from home forever if they want to. Read the full story about how one of the world’s leading social media platforms are revolutionizing working from home forever.

Work from home forever?

Twitter have advised employees they can work from home forever. What does the future hold? Credit: PA

Other companies planning to work from home forever


Tobi Lutke, CEO of Shopify (SHOP), announced that the world of work has been turned on its head. “Office centricity is over,” he tweeted. “As of today, Shopify is a digital by default company. Shopify is an ecommerce platform for small businesses and therefore will keep its offices closed until 2021. This year, Shopify will rework its physical spaces for this new reality. As a result, most employees will be working from home on a permanent basis.

“Until recently, work happened in the office. We’ve always had some people remote and will use the Internet as a bridge to the office. This will reverse now,” Lutke tweeted. “The future of the office is to act as an on-ramp to the same digital workplace that you can access from your #WFH setup.”

Groupe PSA

French automaker PSA announced a “new era of agility,” in which its non-production staff will work remotely from now on. “Given the positive experience and efficient measures already taken in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. In other words they have decided to strengthen teleworking and make it the benchmark for activities not directly related to production”.

PSA will reduce its real estate footprint by redesigning its offices and allow for in-person collaboration when. Above all the main plan for our colleagues is to achieve a better work-life balance and have easier commutes.

In conclusion, the new work from home plan will start in the summer said PSA, the maker of Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall.

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How to choose the best laptop?

With hundreds of models to choose from, you’ll want to a laptop that suits your business needs. How to choose the best laptop? Amongst the decisions you need to make are… the biggest decisions will be how much you want to spend – what many don’t realise is that if you’re after a good all-rounder for day-to-day tasks, it doesn’t have to be a lot.

Looking for new laptops for your team working from home? This business laptop doesn’t quite top a MacBook Pro, but it comes highly recommended and is half the price. Read the latest review at Techrader.

How to buy the best laptop?

Exceeds Expectation. The all-new 10th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and ultra-fast SSD are designed for on-the-go creations with faster rendering capability and boot up time.

Why buy from LIS?

We are not a retail shop. We are an established IT and Networking Support business. Our team have many years of IT experience and will advise you on the best solution for your business needs. We won’t just supply you a laptop. Before we deliver it to you, we will install Office 365, set up all the accounts, install anti-spam and anti-virus software. We can also supply all your IT aftersales and IT support with remote access. All you need to do once you receive your new laptop is plug and play. You are then ready to go, run your business and make money.


Top five questions to ask when buying a laptop

Before you start shopping for a laptop, it will help to know the answers to the following five key questions.

How much should I spend on a laptop?

The lower end of the market starts from £200. Ideal for home use. To the higher end for e.g. Apple MacBooks, more than £1,000.

Operating system – what type of laptop do I need?

There are three major players when it comes to the software (operating system) your computer runs on.

 Buy a Windows 10 laptop if…
You prefer the familiarity of Windows.
Have specialist software you can’t live without.
Want a big variety of laptops to choose from.
 Buy a MacBook if…
You have a budget of at least £950.
Value longevity and build quality.
Use other Apple products, or are happy to learn a new operating system.
 Buy a Chromebook if…
You’re on a budget.
Value simplicity.
Don’t mind working in web-based application.


How powerful does my laptop need to be?

If you need a laptop for light use and note taking, look for Intel Pentium or Intel Core i3 and at least 4GB of Ram for a great experience. Go for Intel Core i5 and i7 and AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 and at least 8GB of Ram if you’re a heavy user. Look for dedicated graphics from Nvidia and AMD if you want to game.

Screen – what size and resolution of laptop display do I need?

A laptop’s screen is one case where bigger isn’t always better. If you want a longer-lasting battery and a more portable device, you may want to go for an 11, 12 or 13-inch display; most of these will weigh between 1kg and 1.5kg. The largest you’re likely to see is 15 or 17 inches, with weight increasing to around 2kg to 3kg.

How much laptop storage do I really need?

Go for an SSD unless you really, really need more storage at all times. Storage capacity, measured in the size of the hard disk drive (HDD) in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB, equal to 1,000GB), determines how many things your PC can hold. Documents, photos, music, movies, programs – they all take up space.

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Admin Forwarding

We announced last month that Lodge Information Services (LIS) launched its latest product The Office 365 Security Package. This is part three of the package, focusing on Admin Forwarding.

One of the biggest concerns within any business is IT security. The rising use of the cloud and mobile devices has bought with it cost savings. As a result, there are increased data security risks. Take a look at our latest video below for more information.


Get notifications when a new admin account or changes are made to Office 365 accounts with admin forwarding. This ensures you are in control of your data and documents. Impressive!

LIS act fast, with a simple click of a button the LIS helpdesk will advise you of any changes that are detected. We will also email you weekly reports about any admin changes to your accounts

Our Office 365 Security Package is a bundle of software tools

The package works continuously on Microsoft Office 365 accounts. They provide genuine protection benefits that EVERY business ought to have. We manage EVERYTHING for you. It’s all in our hands, which is exactly how it should be. Giving you peace of mind to allow you to concentrate on your business.

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Track admin login access for your employees. With admin monitoring you do not need to remember when they have logged out. Do not worry if you have not turned permissions off as we will alert you. Your team will have access to data at the right time, ensuring your company files are safe and secure.

LIS can help your company to protect your IT system. As a result, making sure the outside your team have the right access. Giving you peace of mind that your files are safe. We take care of your IT security to enable you to concentrate on your business!

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