Internet Outage

Network Disruption

We are aware of an issue overnight on 2nd July 2021 impacting our clients leased line and broadband connectivity. The issue was caused by a third party dark fibre provider. Leased line circuits impacted may have experienced disruption of up to 5 minutes just before 1am. Broadband circuits may have had a longer window of disruption but we we have now recovered all lost sessions. In the event of an issue this morning please restart your router if our support team has not dealt with this already for you.

Apologies for any disruption. Please contact the helpdesk for assistance.

LIS Woodham – Planned Outage

Our helpdesk and support office will be closed for essential electrical work on Wednesday 16th September from 6pm to 8pm.  This is to improve reliability of our office supply.  Our email and phone systems will not be available during this time.  No client systems will be affected except offsite backups to our Woodham data centre. These are fully self recovering once the connection is restored.

In the event of an emergency our normal out of hours mobile support will be available to contract customers.  Any non-emergency messages should be submitted by email to in the usual way. No email will be lost during this process.

Apologies for any disruption this may cause. Please contact us if you need more information.


Phone Lines Down

Currently all lines in to LIS Woodham are down. The fault is due to a failure in the BT exchange presumably due to the heat. Engineers are investigating.

We have routed outbound calls through our fall back circuits but inbound calls have not yet failed over. Engineers are investigating that too!

Please contact the helpdesk by email to while we work to resolve the situation. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

Power Failure

Following an earlier power failure at our Woodham office, calls to our helpdesk have been failing. We are now back online and apologise for the interruption to service.