Email Forwarding Alerts

We announced last month that Lodge Information Services (LIS) launched its latest product The Office 365 Security Package. This is part two of the package, focusing on Email Forwarding Alerts.

One of the biggest concerns within any business is IT security. The rising use of the cloud and mobile devices has bought with it cost savings. As a result, there are increased data security risks. Take a look at our latest video below for more information.


We will notify you promptly of any forwarders on your email system. LIS can act fast before any damage is done. The LIS helpdesk with a simple click of a button will approve or reject the forwarder on your behalf.

Our Office 365 Security Package is a bundle of software tools

The package works continuously on Microsoft Office 365 accounts. They provide genuine protection benefits that EVERY business ought to have. We manage EVERYTHING for you. It’s all in our hands, which is exactly how it should be. Giving you peace of mind to allow you to concentrate on your business.

Download our Office 365 A Risky Business booklet to find our more.

Email Forwarding Alerts

Make sure your business is secure from the outside world and your data is safe.

Scammers send out phishing emails to unsuspecting clients to hack their accounts. They use this information to log into the now compromised accounts to gain access to confidential information for example account and bank details. LIS can help your company to protect your IT system. As a result, making sure the outside world has no access and you have peace of mind that your money and data are safe. We take care of your IT security to enable you to concentrate on your business!

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