Preparing To Go Back To Your Workplace

At some point, the quarantine will end and you will need to start preparing to go back to your workplace. However, it’s unlikely this return will be “business as usual,” but will instead have to factor in the new nuances COVID-19 has brought about. How we handle going back to work will have a big impact on whether we rid ourselves of COVID-19 for good or if we see the coronavirus come back for new mass infections, as the Spanish Flu did a century ago. So lockdown is still in force right now.

Have you started preparing to go back to your workplace?

Governments around the world have begun easing restrictions and businesses are preparing to open. This phase requires active management of employee expectations and providing clarity and direction when they return to work – addressing health & safety, organizational and emotional challenges during the process. The more you plan and act now, the easier it will be.

As employers, we have an enormous responsibility to get our team members back to work as safely as possible. Rushing head-on as if nothing has changed since before the virus reached our shores is a sure fire way to end up with another quarantine and many sick employees. So you have to plan TODAY for how you are going to reopen your business.

There are three areas to consider:

  1. Your people, especially if you end up with a mix of some at the workplace, and others still working from home
  2. The equipment they use. Laptops are still difficult to buy with limited supplies. But there are ways around this
  3. Your data. It’s a good time to check your data security has not been compromised by all the changes made over the last few weeks.

We are Lodge Information Services Limited and over 1,000 people in Essex trust us to keep them working properly every day (during lockdown and normal times). We do not know when the lockdown will end. It is time to start getting ready for the return to your workplace. We have written a guide on how you can prepare. The more you plan and act now, the easier it will be when it happens.

Click here to download our useful guide.

Preparing to go back to your workplace

When you start to put together a plan, look at how the lockdown has affected your business.

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