Protect data from ransomware

Protect data from ransomware attacks to your systems. You have probably heard of computer malware, however have you heard of ransomware? It’s what criminals use to target the data in your business. Your system and data are crucial to your business. Don’t gamble with your security. Make sure your business is protected from the outside world.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software placed on your devices. It locks you out of your data and it is terrifying. The criminals will then demand cash to unlock your data. Every business  should protect data from ransomware, as it is at risk all the time. Hackers use automated tools to sniff out opportunities.

Our new video has three ways you can protect your business from ransomware.

Hackers can force victims to pay a ransom to regain access. It can infect your computer when you download an innocent-looking email attachment. If you visit a website that secretly executes malicious code. This ultimately encrypts critical files or denies access to the computer. The two main forms of this malware are currently widespread:

  • Blocker ransomware locks users out of basic computer functions. For example, it might deny access to your desktop by partially disabling files the computer uses to boot. You could still use your computer to pay the ransom, but otherwise it would be useless. The good news? Locker malware typically avoids encrypting critical files in favour of simply locking you out, meaning there’s less chance of total data destruction.
  • Crypto ransomware encrypts your critical data — documents, photos, and videos — while leaving more basic computer functions untouched. Crypto creators often include a countdown in their ransom demand. Many users ignore or don’t understand the importance of backing up files to an external storage device, so they often choose to pay the ransom because they can’t see any other way of getting their files back.

How to respond to ransomware attacks

Unfortunately, ransom malware is here to stay. What if you have already become the victim of a ransomware attack? If you’re concerned about ransomware, need to update your security, or need any assistance properly backing up your data, get in touch. Contact The LIS Help Desk today to talk to one of our team to make sure your business is protected.

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