Secure passwords

Smart devices will require secure passwords by 2021

Internet-connected gadgets will have to come pre-set with a unique password, or require the owner to set one before use, as part of plans for a UK cyber-security law.
Manufacturers could face being forced to recall non-compliant products and could also be fined. The government is now seeking feedback from consumer groups and industry experts to shape its final legislation. One expert said the new rules would need “strong enforcement”.
The “call for views” is the latest step to introduce a cyber-security bill, which was first outlined in May 2019. Other proposals include a requirement that manufacturers state the minimum amount of time they will continue to provide security updates for a product after purchase.
Digital infrastructure minister Matt Warman said that until the law was passed, households should ensure they had changed all internet-linked devices’ default passwords to “protect themselves from cyber-criminals”.

Davey Winder, a Senior Contributor for Forbes takes a closer look about making sure your devices have secure passwords.

These devices include:

  • Smart speakers
  • Voice assistants
  • Smartwatches for dementia patients
  • Smart lightbulbs
  • Security smart systems
  • Smart TVs
Secure passwords

Smart home devices can pose a security risk if their vendors do not take adequate care in securing them.

Do you have secure passwords?

IT-savvy users are likely to change the password and update the firmware upon acquiring it. Worse yet, hacking one’s way through a device with an unmodified default password does not take much effort. Once compromised, a cyber criminal will steal your data. Setting up botnets or performing distributed denial-of-service attacks will also cause harm to your devices.

In an effort to protect consumers, the UK has proposed a law that would make universal passwords for IoT devices illegal.

Stay protected

In conclusion, we recommend our clients use passwords that are secure. Keep all of your passwords private and make sure no one knows them. Are you using a password manager or post it notes?

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