Surge in Internet usage

People in the UK have been spending record amounts of time on the Internet during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s no surprise that the surge in Internet usage has hit an all-time high. All those Zoom meetings, home working and not to mention the Netflix binging.

A recent BBC article takes a closer look and explains why we are so reliant on the Internet.

In April 2020, UK adults spent longer than four hours online each day – more than a quarter of their waking life. It marks an increase of more than half an hour since January. This means people now spend substantially more time online than watching television or listening to the radio.

The recent surge in Internet usage figures were revealed in Ofcom’s Online Nation report. It illustrates the habits and trends of internet users between November 2019 and April 2020. People aged 18 to 24 were the heaviest users, clocking an average of more than five hours spent online per day.

Average time online due to a surge in Internet usage

Number of hours spent online by age group in the UK, April 2020.

Surge in Internet usage

A large portion of the study focussed on internet habits in 2019, which revealed that technology giants now control an even greater share of internet traffic. The research by the regulator showed that more than a third of time spent online was spent on sites owned by either Facebook or Google.

How people spend their time online

Average number of minutes spent using sites and services per day.

How people spend their time online

The shift towards platforms like Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger appears to have been accelerated during lockdown. Nearly half of all adults using the messaging apps to make video calls at least once a week.

Ofcom’s research found that the use of video calling services doubled to 70 per cent of the population during the lockdown, as people sought new ways to stay in touch.

One of the biggest benefiters from this trend has been the app Zoom, which saw a huge surge in new users at the start of the lockdown.

Zoom meetings

“Lockdown may leave a lasting digital legacy,” said Yij-Choung Teh, Ofcom’s director of strategy and research. “Coronavirus has radically changed the way we live, work and communicate online, with millions of people using online video services for the first time.”

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