Ready for GDPR?

We hope your business is all ready for the GDPR, the new data protection legislation that comes into force this May. You’re not? Most people aren’t. You pretty much have three options:

1) Ignore it and hope it goes away

2) Realise it affects every business. Learn what it means… but take no action

3) Enlist the help of a team of IT experts who can get your business ready

Option 3 sounds best, right? Thought so! Get in touch and we’ll get your data protected and GDPR ready in no time.

GDPR Getting Closer

GDPR is less than 6 months’ away. GD-what you might ask? It’s the General Data Protection Regulation. And it means you need to be 110% sure your data can’t be stolen or locked by hackers.

If you don’t have that confidence today, we can do a data security review for you. Call us on 01245 323900 or email