The Threat of Cyber Crime

It has made more headlines in the past few years than ever before. The threat of cyber crime has sparked worldwide efforts to protect the technology we use at work. However, the threat of cyber crime does not seem to be going away.

It’s the fastest growing crime in the world

What does ransomware mean to your business? Ransomware is terrifying. Imagine switching on your computer and instead of the screen you normally see, the screen has gone totally red.

There’s a message telling you your business’s data has been locked. The only way to get it retrieve your folders and files is to pay the criminals in Bitcoin.

We have created a brand new guide. It advises you how to protect your business and dramatically reduce the chances of being attacked.

British companies are facing more cyberattacks than ever – and the new threat of fines totalling hundreds of millions of pounds for leaking customer data. Luke Irwin wrote a recent article for IT Governance explaining how the average cost of cyber crime rose to £10.3m in 2018.

In the wake of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law last year, companies such as British Airways have been hit with record fines (up to £184m) for hacks that have leaked customer data, such as credit card details.

“Criminals are increasingly moving online because that is where the money is,” says Prof Kevin Curran, senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and professor of cybersecurity at Ulster University. “Cybertheft is becoming the fastest-growing crime in the world.”

According to Risk IQ, cybercrime costs the global economy £2.3m a minute. But in our ever-changing cyber-landscape, how should businesses respond?

The Threat of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is on the rise. Make sure your protected. We have managed technology solutions that will protect your business, empower your staff and increase efficiency.

Will businesses ever be safe from cyber attacks?

Taking basic steps, such as training employees, and “baking in” cybersecurity into the design of new software will help companies stay safe, says Prof Curran, but it is unlikely that cyberattacks will stop soon. “Most industries can do better than they are today, especially those that deal with trade secrets, personally identifiable information, finance and health data,” he says.

As long as businesses rely on technology, they may always face the threat of cyberattacks. What is important is that business leaders work strategically – making cybersecurity as core a part of their everyday operations as sales or finance.

Stay protected with LIS

We may not be able to beat cyber attackers for good – but businesses can start to swing the balance back in their favour. Contact the LIS Help Desk to discuss the latest options to give you peace of mind. Take advantage of our Office 365 Security Package. We can set up Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus to protect your systems.

With the potential for millions of pounds in profit, cybercriminals are becoming more organised. Stay ahead and make sure your profits stay in the bank!


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